What could be better than delicious pierogi? How about delicious pierogi paired with the perfect kielbasa? That sounds pretty darn good, and it’s actually available to us. One of the best pierogi makers and one of the best kielbasa makers in the Hudson Valley have joined forces, and the pairing is absolutely perfect.

You might remember there was a big buzz in Ulster County when Krupa Brothers Pierogi decided to open a storefront in Kingston. The pierogi were already getting raves because they were sold at select stores throughout the Hudson Valley. It took a little while, but they finally opened up the store at 23 W Strand, and it’s as popular as ever. You can also taste some of the Krupa Brothers Pierogi at the Kingston Waterfront Farmers Market on Sundays.

The Meat Wagon Mobile Butchery on Hasbrouck Avenue in Kingston carries some of the best meat in the Hudson Valley. We’re talking about pasture raised, grass fed local meats. Beef, pork, lamb, chicken all locally raised. They also carry other groceries including house made roast beef, ham and bacon. This is some of the best meat available.

So what happens when the best pierogi in the Hudson Valley gets together with the best kielbasa in the Hudson Valley? You get the perfect marriage of flavors, and you’re keeping it local. You can check out some of this deliciousness at one of the Sunday Kingston Waterfront Farmers Markets, and Krupa Brother store on the strand will be carrying the kielbasa in their store in the very near future. Get more info at the Krupa Brothers website and at The Meat Wagon Mobile Butchery website.

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