A bizarre accident is being blamed for the death of two Hudson Valley residents and the destruction of a home.

New York State Police were alerted to the accident after a 911 call came in about a structure fire on Route 9. Just after 1am on June 29, troopers were dispatched to the home in the Town of Livingston. The home was ablaze with two occupants inside. One of the residents was able to escape before first responders appeared on the scene. The second occupant, identified as 81-year-old Peter E. Lasher, was found dead inside the home.

While firefighters battled the blaze, they made another gruesome discovery inside. A vehicle was found in the home with the deceased driver behind the wheel. An investigation took place that determined the driver was traveling on Route 9 at a "high rate of speed" when it crashed into a tree before hurdling towards the home. The 2022 Tesla Model X entered the home and burst into flames, which is what police say set the structure on fire.


The Tesla Model X starts at $98,000 and is the brand's most expensive model. However, it has been receiving attention after some news stories of catastrophic fires. While statistics show that electric vehicles have less of a chance to ignite than traditional combustion engine vehicles, the fires can be much hotter and last much longer. There have been several documented cases where a high-powered battery in these electric vehicles has caught fire after a crash or accident. The fire can trigger a chain reaction throughout the electrical system, firing off the other batteries and causing temperatures to rise above 5,000 degrees and become extremely difficult to extinguish.

New York State Police say that the investigation is ongoing and authorities have yet to identify the driver of the vehicle.

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