The family is sound asleep in your Capital Region home and while you snore the night away there are all kinds of wild animals roaming around. Everything from fisher cats to coyote could be snooping around out there and you would never know. One way to see what is out there from the safety of your own home is to set up a trail cam.

Amazon carries a wide range of trail cams running from $60 to $6,000! There are also a bunch of sites that have live video feeds of their property, farm and backyard so you can be a voyeur to what may pass by. One of my favorite destinations is the Wolf Conservation Center in South Salem, New York. This is where you can keep an eye on their Mexican Grey Wolves.

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Here is a sample of what might be creepin' around your backyard.

New York Trail Cam Captures

You never know what you will catch on a trail cam in New York



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