We have officially put our political power in supporting all of these GREAT nominations for who should be the next governor of New York, sort of...

By now you've heard the news that Governor Andrew Cuomo has resigned his place as governor of New York and with LT. Governor Kathy Hochul getting ready to take over in the next week or so we thought we would attempt to be the voice of the people by giving everyone the chance to nominate someone.

The catch is, we are only accpeting WRONG ANSWERS! When we asked the greater Danbury and Hudson Valley responded with some of the most creative answers, so creative we thought we should put a list together of some of the best ones for folks to look at any time they need a laugh.

11 Celebrities' That Could Be The Next Governor of New York

11 nominations of celebrities that the Hudson Valley thinks could possible run New York State.

Award-Winning Actor Selling Hudson Valley 'Mountaintop Masterpiece'

An award-winning actor is selling "mountaintop masterpiece" in Napanoch, Ulster County. Check out all of the photos of this impressive  "mountaintop masterpiece" below: 

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