The attack took place in Troy, near Albany New York.

It's hard to imagine getting attacked by a deer, right? If you have ever had a run in with a deer here in the Hudson Valley, most of the time the deer are scared of us and usually will go running off before you get to close. That was not the case for one unlucky man in Troy, New York.

According to WTEN, Richard Belschwinder was driving down in alley in Troy when he came across a pretty scary scene. He said, "I could hear somebody screaming, it was a ten point deer. It had some guy in the corner.”

Belschwinder said that the man that was cornered was using a cushion from a couch to put a barrier between him and the deer but the deer kept attacking, he said, “The deer rammed him, and, I mean, picked him right up."

He then said he had to do something, “As soon as the deer went up, I pulled the gate open, and I grabbed the guy and I pulled him out.”

After pulling the man out to safety, the deer ran away and is still on the loose.

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