In the famous words of Winnie the Pooh,  Tut Tut it looks like rain.  Of course that is what we expect in April. After all the saying is " April showers bring May flowers". And showers are what we have in store for the rest of this week. That got me thinking about shoes.

We are in the in between period with shoes that I hate every year. I want to wear the sandals but the toes are saying, stop we haven't see the light of day in 6 months. Not to mention that is it still to cold to be sporting open toes shoes. The temperature is going down to 48 degrees again this week.

The real problem about trying to pick out shoes this time of year is that the weather is so fickle. It is almost like you should keep extra shoes in the car so you can change them out during the day based on the weather pattern.

So after giving this some thought, decided I would put together the photo list below to hopefully help you decide if you can actually show your toes or if like me you have to stay a bit more practical for a few more weeks.

Hopefully in this gallery of shoes you will find a solution. Remember warmer weather is coming and there will be plenty of time for those sandals it seems you only get to wear once a year. I actually thing I have a pair I didn't even get to wear last year because I never went anywhere thanks to the pandemic.

Seasonal Problem with Shoes

When the seasons change it is hard to pick out shoes to wear for the weather. This in between the winter and the summer can be a tough time for deciding on footwear. I think Spring is worse than Fall. Our feet are ready to break out of the winter captivity but the temperatures and your pedicure may be saying No.

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