Earlier this week, while rushing out the door on the verge of being late for work I was stopped dead in my tracks.

Outside my front door stood 2 skunks, just hanging out with no intention to go anywhere. I shut the door slowly and quietly and waited until they moved on to make my move to the car.

While I waited, I had the text typed out to my co-workers "Hey, I think I'm going to be late. 2 skunks won't let me leave." If I get sprayed by a skunk, I can't go to work at all, so I was not taking a chance on a sick day filled with tomato baths.

Thankfully, the skunks moved along and I was able to get out just in the knick of time.

But it got me thinking, I couldn't be the only one who has had a weird reason why they were late for work. And our listeners had some wild stories! Check it out.

10 of The Strangest Reasons Why Hudson Valley Residents Have Been Late For Work

1) Maggie shared this story with us on Facebook:

A few years ago, in early spring, there was a black bear just casually walking on the double yellow lines in the road. Just strolling along minding his own business. He was beautiful. No one else on the (back) road. I watched and followed, slowly, until he turned around.....looked at me......and bopped along into the woods. He was huge. Shiny. And just beautiful. What a gift to witness this lazy beautiful creature.
I've encountered fox, coyotes, bobcats, deer, turkeys, turtles. But this was spectacular. Being late was worth it

2) Vee in Pine Bush texted us through the Wolf Country app and explained:

"I was late to work because my dog literally locked me out of the house. He jumped up and latched the screen door! The kicker, my boss at the time thought I was lying."

That's a tough one to believe, Vee!

3) Stephanie shared this insane story on Facebook:

I walked out my front door to walk the dog, and a sniper team was in the driveway. I was escorted right back into the house.

Apparently, a neighbor (3 houses down) was having a domestic dispute and there was a report of loaded guns in their house.

What looked like a common work van was in my driveway and there were snipers in there, and on my other neighbors roof.

It's like a scene out of a movie.

4) Stacy in Kingston had this scary moment: "I was late to work cause there was a snake in my car sunning itself on my dash." Yeah, I'd probably call out after that.


5) Mae in Poughkeepsie is ready for turtle delays writing: "Every spring cause of the turtle crossing on crumb elbow Road."

6) Sadie checked in on Facebook and shared: My weirdest is...I was taking my kids to school. Turn right onto 209 and there in the middle of the road was a dumpster. Just the dumpster with no one else around. I was like how do you lose a dumpster and not know it?"
7) Nora was so close to being on time, but it just wasn't in the cards. She explains why she was late:  "Was very tired, so fell sleep in work parking lot!!! 1 hour late."
8) Karen shared this stinky situation: "Had taken a laxative the night before work day w/ a weeks worth of food build-up!"
9) Kristin adds: "My cat was in the ceiling."

10) And finally, Tom and a friend were in a similar situation to mine, he shared this with us: "Years ago when I was at college, a friend of mine and I actually got chased by a skunk going from his apartment to mine."


Have you ever been late to work with a weird excuse? Did your boss believe you? Text us and let us know!

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