Did you ever have a craving for a food that you just can't stop thinking about? Of course you have. Are you like me and give into the craving? If I am in the mood for something or worst I actually am craving a particular food I will go to great lengths to acquire that food item and satisfy the craving. And of course we rarely crave a health food. I will admit to craving an occasional apple or even guacamole. I have even been known to crave brussels sprouts and bake potatoes. Fact is I usually I seek out something much more ooey and gooey. Take for instant my craving last week for Mac n Cheese. This moment lead me to the grocery where I purchased a frozen family size package of Stovers brand mac n cheese. It is actually still in my freezer because it takes an hour and a half to cook. who's got that kind of time.

So where do cravings come from and why to we get them? I found this interesting article online by Reader's Digest and in my case last week I think they were onto something. My need for cheese may have been due to me needing to improve my mood and relax. I am gonna agree. It was definitely a comfort food week for me and nothing beats mac n cheese in that category. I found some of the other reasons pretty spot on as well, like sweets to fight fatigue and potato chips signaling your are low on health fats. I am gonna keep this article close for the next time a craving hits and see if I still land in the grocery aisle staring down a box of carbs.

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