August is closing out and the nights are finally getting cooler. Summer's end feels right around the corner. So how do we keep a little summer around all year long? One way I suggest is grab up your favorite summer flavors and preserve them. And if you don't know how, then just get them prepackaged at your favorite farm market. But don't wait much longer because for those of us who can't do anything in the kitchen correctly we are clearing off the shelves at you local farm markets.

It seems easy after watch the video but canning fruit can seem like it would be to much trouble. If so then simply head out to a local farmer's market or farm market and grab up your favorites will they last. As winter wears on it is a great treat to enjoy summer fruits during the colder months. I think this is one of the reason they invented the Jelly of the Month Clubs. Local Favorite to look for are Luna Grown, Wright's Apple Farm, Beth's Farm Kitchen and Maya's Jams just to name a few.

Of course fruit isn't the only think we miss from the summer table. Vegetables can be canned just as easily. Veggies can be harder to find at the end of summer at your local markets so head out for them now before you are out of luck.

If you love to can or pickle make sure you save the date for the 21st Annual Rosendale International Pickle Festival happening on November 18th.


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