Post blizzard week and because I am still feeling the pain of all that snow removal, I have gone looking for a laugh and boy baby, I have found one. We have to wait until Friday, March 31, but it looks like it will be worth the wait.

Dream Works has done it again. Another great animated movie that they have made for the kid in all of us. Boss Baby has me quoting lines from it already. My favorite - "cookies are for closers." My husband has already reminded me that a similar line was used in a different movie ... "coffee is for closers" Alec Baldwin said it then too, but it is gold coming out of his Boss Baby character.

The original line is 55 seconds in. Alec Baldwin says the magic line that he has reinvented for Boss Baby.

With out giving away the plot. It seems that babies aren't receiving as much love as they did in the past due to a take over from puppies. Boss Baby has been assigned to fix this situation.

And hey, now that we are talking babies. If you or someone you know has recently had a baby we are looking for you to share your new babies photos with us. Health Quest and the Wolf have teamed up and we would love to name your little bundle of joy our baby of the month but first you have to share a picture or two with us.

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