CJ and I just want to take the time to thank you all for participating in our 2016 Fictional Presidential Bracket. This years real world election was getting a little too intense for us, so we thought we would have some fun. We came up with a bracket filled with actors who have played a POTUS or represented a government official in movies or on TV

We started with eight candidates: Amy Poehler, Leslie Neilson, Jamie Foxx, Martin Sheen, Morgan Freeman, Harrison Ford, Amy Cohen(New Paltz Town Board) and Paul Van Blarcum (Ulster County Sheriff). With your votes you helped bring us down to a final four and then to our final two nominees.

It was a long, hard battle that Harrison Ford and Paul Van Blarcum were up for. They brought out the voters yesterday, during the real New York Primary, and came down to a landslide. Ulster County, you should be proud.

Paul Van Blarcum is your 2016 Fictional President!


Congratulations Sheriff Van Blarcum. And if you happen to see this, give CJ and I a call.

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