It is the time of year when a lot of us will find ourselves shopping for an outfit for a special occasion. It maybe a graduation, a wedding or maybe it is just time to update the wardrobe. Whatever the reason I can't stress enough how important it is to bring along your fashion police. This past weekend I had to shop for an upcoming event which my husband and I will be attending together. His opinion on my outfit for the day was important, so I took him along to help with the selection.

Let me start off by saying if you have met me you know I am short and am not exactly a size 6. That being said I also have a difficult time just walking into a store and selecting a dress or any type of clothing for that matter, that is going to fit properly. Being short, with little arms and a larger stature, clothes often look like I am playing dress up with my bigger, taller sisters clothes.

My other challenge is what I want to wear looks silly and what I can wear I wouldn't be caught dead in. I am not one of those woman who doesn't want to dress my age, but I tend to be one who doesn't want to dress my size. By that I mean very often what is available in larger sizes feels "frumpy" so I tend to try to fit into things in the petite section offer in women's sizes.

Now that your caught up, this past weekend I went to a major change store and began "ruling out outfits" with my fashion officer. The very first dress which I didn't really love that much received this response, "You look like one of those antique blue and white plates." Scary thing was I did! After a good laugh we continued on through the racks. We actually had a lot of fun because at one point I was actually just trying on things that did look stupid. Macy's might not let me back for a while.

Anyway we finally settled on a great look and if all goes well I will try to share video with you all when I actually wear what we picked out. Happy spring shopping and as I like to say "It's all good as long as it doesn't make me look like a square in shoes."

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