Have you ever wonder what your pets do once the house clears out with everyone heading back to school. The 2016 movie The Secret Life of Pets let us into some of the daily activities our furry friends can be up to while we are at work but I have a feeling it is a real Pet Party the first week everyone clears out for back to school.

I am sure that there will be a moment when the family dog or cat stops down to wonder "where are they going"? But it should be fleeting once they realize it is that wonderful time of year when they get the house back for themselves.

So what will they doing as soon as we head out the door?

1 - Sleeping on your side of bed all day.

2 - Playing with anything that you said "leave it" to all summer.

3 - Digging out bones and toys they hid in furniture this summer for just this occasion.

Golden Retriever With Butterfly on his Nose
Getty Images/Ingram Publishing/ThinkStock

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