This city is dirtier than New York City yet NYC has more rats. Maybe the rats are going there to pursue their dreams of being famous.

If you're in New York City you'll notice that every single day is garbage day. There's filth everywhere. With a population of around 8 million, I think it is safe to assume that the city is going to be messy.

Hudson Valley City Ranked Dirtier Than NYC

Imagine how dirty New York City is. Would you believe that it is not the dirtiest city in America? It may be unbelievable but New York City isn't even the dirtiest city in the state. A website called Lawnstarter created a list of America's dirtiest cities in 2023. New York City took 12th out of 200 places.

Believe it or not, New York City was beaten by a city in Westchester County.

Lawnstarter compiled the 200 cities based on things like air pollution, the number of smokers and how much fuel is used. They also looked at the living conditions in houses in the city. Sizes of landfills in the cities played a huge factor as well.

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Based on the methodology one city in New York beat NYC by 2 spots.

The list put Yonkers as the 10th dirtiest city in America.

New York City and Yonkers weren't the only cities from the Empire State to make the list of dirty places.

Other New York Cities Ranked as 'Dirtiest' in the Nation

Rochester was 80. Syracuse made the list at 121 and Buffalo came in at 147.

It's surprising that Albany didn't make the list as Albany and New York City both made the list of most rat-infested cities in America according to Orkin.

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