So once again we are are receiving a dose of winter weather in the Hudson Valley. According to Hudson Valley Weather online Poughkeepsie has received on average 49.6 inches of snow each winter for the last 25 years. Today's weather and all the conversation about how much snow we will actually get and when will it fall, got me thinking. How do we prefer to get snow? So let's play "Would you rather, the snow fall edition".

After some careful deliberation I have to say I'm not sure. How about you? Would you prefer to get all the winter's snowfall in one big storm? Meaning you only have to clean it up once. Or would you prefer to get small snowfall amounts scattered throughout the winter resulting in more clean ups but in theory less work. And what would this do for snow days and cancellations. One big storm would mean you could maybe take all those days off in a row creating a whole new winter holiday.

We want to know what you think.

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