I think I'm in the majority when I say I'm not the biggest fan of flying. It's, in my opinion, a rational fear.

On Wednesday, August 30, a Norwegian Air flight out of Stewart Airport in Newburgh to Europe had to cancel the flight due to a safety issue. According to News12 Westchester the issue was an evacuation slide had deployed by mistake before the flight took off. 47 fliers were denied their scheduled flight.

Norwegian told News12 "We have unfortunately encountered a number of external issues that have caused our flights to be delayed multiple times. We are fully aware of the inconvenience this has caused our customers, for which we truly are sorry. We are working on ensuring an improved operation at the airport."

Many Hudson Valley residents were taking advantage of the cheap deals to fly overseas and Norwegian paid for all of their new flights. But some people were still upset that their flight was cancelled.

Above the clouds
Elena Elisseeva

Which begs the question: If you knew your plane had a safety malfunction, would you still want to fly?

It's an easy no from me. Make sure the plane is 100% before letting me board. What if, god forbid, they needed to use that evacuation slide but it wasn't available because it had deployed beforehand?

No thank you. I'll take safety over schedules any day.



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