We all hear that fast food isn't good for you and you shouldn't eat it but if you are like me, you enjoy it.

Every now and again, I'll get a craving for McDonald's and even though I know I shouldn't, I'll get a burger and fries and enjoy the grease and clogging my arteries.

I do always wonder what McDonald's cheeseburgers are actually made of because it doesn't seem like meat.

Well, one Utah man decided, 20 years ago to find out.  That's right, he saved a burger from McDonald's for 20 years.

David Whipple of Utah had purchased a $.79 burger and put it in his coat pocket but then forgot it was there for some time.  After he discovered it was still in tact, he decided to see just how long it would keep.

He never expected it to last 20 years.

Just pop it in the microwave and it's as good as new....or appears the same anyway.

You can watch the video that he posted HERE

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