We have all heard of tiny homes but image a home you could fit in a greenhouse. Well actually it wouldn't have to be tiny but you would need a really big greenhouse. So what am I talking about here? I was on facebook and came across a post by Tiny Homes where they shared an article by Hyggehouze.com featuring a house that a couple in Sweden built a greenhouse around to make it warmer.

I am not sure if I would feel trapped or surrounded by my own piece of paradise. Would it be winter outside and summer inside? Apparently not according to the Hyggehouze article but it does keep the house warmer and allow the outdoor space to be used longer in the colder weather. Sounds great to me. Imagine on a cold sunny day you could still sit on the porch for coffee or a cocktail.

Before you get any ideas about trying to visit something similar to see if it is something you would want to do around your house. You should know that this is the only house done this way. According to Hyggehouze,com The Swedish couple renovated a house they purchased using a concept they discovered that was developed by a Swedish architect named Bengt Warne who refered to it as "Naturhus" which translates to Naturehousing. I not sure how well it would work here in the Hudson Valley but it seems like if it works in Sweden why not?

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