You can now check out a luxury day spa in the heart of Woodstock.

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There so many amazing places to check out in the Hudson Valley, but every now and then you need something relaxing. A spa is an excellent place to go to where you can rest and recharge. I'"m all in for a spa day and it can also be a great bonding experience with a group of friends, something to do before a bachelorette party and a way to look fresh all year. A new, stunning spa has opened their doors in the Hudson Valley and it looks like a cool place to check out.

Woodstockspa.ny Instagram/Canva
Woodstockspa.ny Instagram/Canva

What new spa has opened up?

The spa is called Woodstock Spa and it offers a variety of services like massages, aesthetics and wellness services. Something that is different and unique about the Woodstock Spa is that they feature local artists and their art in the building. That's not something you see everyday and it's a great way to encourage the idea of supporting local.

Where is the new spa located in the Hudson Valley?

The spa is located in Woodstock and that is known as a very beautiful and peaceful area in the Hudson Valley. More specifically, the spa is located on 62 Ricks Road. Woodstock is located in Ulster County and it's a common spot for people to spend a weekend at.

When did Woodstock Spa open it's doors?

Just a few days ago, the opening was on Thursday June 22nd. I'm sure it's all brand new and shiny in the building.

If you do check out Woodstock Spa and try some services there, please let us know what it's like on the station app.

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