The Hudson Valley farm where Woodstock '94, and more recently The Hudson Project, took place is officially up for sale. It could be all yours if have an extra $10 million laying around.

Acoording to Hudson Valley One, Winston Farm has been in limbo for the last year after property owners obtained a loan of more than $800,000 and used the property as collateral. Terms of the loan required the Shaller family to pay the money back by February.

When you break down the sale price of $10,775,000, first of all it's more money than I'll make in a lifetime so I'm out of the running. Second of all, that boils down to more than $14,000 per acre. Finally, you have to wonder what the property taxes are like on a 736 acre piece of property.

Now the question is, what will be done with the property? Reportedly there are three interested parties. Several years ago, local residents prevented the site from becoming a landfill. The site was once also considered as a location for Ulster County Community Colllege. Saugerties officials are hoping whoever buys the property, will sell the town a piece of the land to be used a a back up water supply for local residents.

Woodstock '94 was as famous for the crazy mud as it was for the amazing lineup of bands.

The Hudson Project was also plagued with weather/mud issues. Part of the Sunday line-up got cancelled so the audience decided to do mud slides in the campground.

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