Have you read the book "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus" ?  I haven't either actually but I really don't think I need to because, well, I've spent enough time around women to get it.

I'm not saying I'm an expert but, women do weird things that men don't understand.

Here are 10 things that we as men don't understand.....my wife does number 5, 8,9 & 10 ALL the time.
1. If you have straight hair, wanting to curl it . . . if you have curly hair, wanting to straighten it.

2. Wiggling into your jeans, whether you lay down on the bed or use the belt loops to pull them up.

3. Saying you don't want fries, then eating half of our fries.

4. Always being cold, in every situation.

5. Putting decorative soaps right by the sink, then getting mad when we use them.

6. Borrowing a sweatshirt . . . then keeping it.

7. Not realizing that just responding to a text with "yes" or "k" makes a guy think you're furious at him.

8. Saying you don't have an opinion on where to go eat . . . but hating all of the options we suggest.

9. Eventually wanting the original thing we mentioned to eat.

10.  Have multiple bottles of shampoo, etc in the shower but only 1 of them is to be used on your hair regularly.

We understand sports, beer and tools.


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