They say money isn't everything. Well, at least some people say that. To some people, money might be the only thing.

Dating is getting tougher and tougher. Between texting, social media and dating apps you would think it would be easier to meet potential dates. It might be easier to find quantity but quality might slip. What are some good qualities for someone you would like a long-term relationship with? You probably want there to be an attraction. You may also want them to be kind, and respectful and maybe have a stable lifestyle both personally and with their career. Debt has become an important issue for young people in recent years which is understandable. You may want to know if someone you may be starting a life with has thousands of dollars worth of debt.

How do you know if someone is in your league? I'm not talking about your looks. I'm referring to your income bracket.

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What would you do if someone asked to see how much money you had in your bank account on the first date?

A TikTok star named Sofia Franklyn is drawing some criticism after claiming she demands to see bank statements on the first date.

The internet was quick to do what it does best. Some of the comments and reactions have been amazing.


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