Which is your favorite night of the weekend, Friday or Saturday? Tonight's 5 O'clock quittin' time spin-off is asking you to choose. Are you the person who kicks your weekend off with a Friday night party or do you save all the excitement for Saturday.


Eric Paslay's "Friday Night" is hard to resist. released in 2013 it only got to #6 on the chart and some say Lady Antebellum's version released in 2011 is the better song but it is Eric's that has become a "Friday Night" anthem for so many country fans who enjoy the weekend.

Friday Night - Eric Paslay

"American Saturday Night" made it to number 2 on the chart after its November 2009 release. The title cut off an album that went number one it is hard to say it isn't a winner. If you are a fan of Saturday Night over Friday Night mostly because by staying in Friday you have gotten enough rest to actually enjoy yourself Saturday then you must pick Brad.

American Saturday Night - Brad Paisley

Either one you can't lose. Both will get you set up for the weekend which weather wise is going to be a mixed bag. Did someone say Spring started this week? When?

Each week night we put two songs up for your vote. One of these songs will be the one you hear on your car radio, smart speaker or smart phone with the Wolf Mobile App as you head out of work and towards after work fun. If you have a song you want us to put up for the spin-off let us know in the comments below or by using the text studio feature on the Wolf mobile APP

Special QTSO shout out to Jess for helping select tonight's weekend songs.

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