Secure your hairpiece!

A New York man's alleged attempt at mischief has now reportedly cost him his job. Remember, if you're going to do something like this in public, keep in mind that everyone has got a phone, and they're always recording everything.

The alleged incident was documented on TikTok and currently has over half a million views, according to NBC.

New York Man Fired For Stealing Wig 

NBC says that the video shows a man, who appears to be intoxicated at the time, holding a wig in his hand that belonged to the woman. The woman says her turquoise-colored wig with curls was snatched right off her head early Monday morning near Penn Station.

The alleged wig thief initially seemed to take the whole thing as a joke, as the woman can be heard angrily confronting him. She says to him as she held her phone, "For what reason did you take my wig off?” Why did you do that? What makes you think that that’s okay?”

@lizzyashmusicPardon my French but he needs one good ass whooping !!! ♬ original sound - Lizzy Ashliegh

The video shows the man's friends unamused with his actions, as they presumably tell him to apologize.

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NBC says the victim of the wig swipe posted another TikTok video saying that her piece was secured with combs, and made a point  how much force the man must have allegedly used to rip it off her head. According to NBC, she is now pursuing legal action.

NBC reports that a law practice in New York, where the man worked as a litigator, said he now no longer is employed there. Their press release on LinkedIn can be seen here.

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