What was the reason for any of your trips to the emergency room?

Every morning on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show around 6:05 a.m. we ask the Early Morning Brain Stimulator, a random question with a great prize most days. (All this week we are giving away Zac Brown Band tickets for Bethel Woods on June 21st.)

The question today was, 123,000 women go to the ER every year because they get hurt doing this? The correct answer was, wearing high heels.

Jess said that she could definitely see that happening as she has almost injured herself numerous times wearing the high heels. Wearing high heels is reason 789 why I'm happy to be a guy!!!

Anyway with a trip to the ER in mind, have you ever had to take a trip to the emergency room? What was the reason for the unplanned trip? The only time I can remember going to the ER was back when I was 8 years old. I was at my grandma's house in Long Island and was running from inside the house to go outside and wound up crashing through the storm glass storm door and tumbling down the front steps. There was blood everywhere! My mom rushed me to the ER, where I got like 20 stitches on my arm.

What was the reason for any of your trips the ER? Call the show at 845-473-9431 or leave us your story on Facebook.

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