Will someone please claim the black Nike sneaker in the median on Salt Point Turnpike? It's getting awfully cold outside and you either are walking around barefoot or you have mismatched shoes on.

I've always wondered how shoes end up in the middle of the road. Do angry parents get frustrated and throw their kid's shoes out the window? Do people put their foot out the window and lose them to wind? And why is it never two shoes on the road? It's always just one lonely shoe.


In this particular case, the shoe in question is a nice new Nike. What bothers me is that it looks like the owner took excellent care of these shoes. Well, up until they lost this one.

I've never lost a shoe myself but I'd imagine that I'd want it back. Has this person not done the first step when retrieving a lost item and retrace his or her steps? Well, if not hopefully this is a friendly reminder that the shoe is still there and waiting for its master in Poughkeepsie.

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