Sacha Baron Cohen goes into his pranks looking to expose people’s worst instincts, and his targets tend to emerge much worse for wear from their appearances on Who Is America? (Just ask Jason Spencer.) The rare exception is Christy Cones, a gallery owner who appeared on the show’s debut episode. Cohen interviewed her in the guise of “Rick Sherman,” an ex-con who wants to get into the art business. He asks her about art, describes his techniques (most involving the use of his own bodily fluids as raw materials) and then presented her with a piece he made himself, using said raw materials. Gross.

Most rational humans would laugh Rick out of their presence, or at least be completely horrified handling a painting supposedly made with human poop. But Cones admirably maintained her cool and her composure, and she was an incredibly good sport about the whole incident. (Unlike some of Cohen’s targets, she seemed to understand the game and that she was being recorded.) Now she’s turning the tables and selling the hideous, possibly-poop-painted piece of art.

TMZ reports that Cohen sent Cones (say that five times fast) the infamous piece of art, and she has decided to sell it, to the tune of $1 million. The painting, “Catharsis on Christy” will at the very least be a tourist attraction for her gallery, which Cones told TMZ has seen an uptick in visitors since her appearance.

There’s also a video of Cones and Cohen’s art.

I’m not sure I would pay $1 million for a Sacha Baron Cohen original even if it was of the cast of Gymkata, but I remain impressed by Cone’s poise and sense of humor. (You can also read the letter from “Rick” that was included with the portrait.) May we all be this chill in the presence of actual human excrement.

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