When you have lived in a certain area for a length of time, you start to think you know where every place is in your region. So, when a name of a town comes across your ears and it is allegedly in your county, do you think, nah that's impossible? Or what the heck? Where is that?

How did I come across the town of Pleasant Plains New York? Every morning we run a traffic report two times an hour. On this particular day, there was a different traffic reporter filling in and she kept saying that the roads were all clear in Pleasant Plains, so I began the investigation!

Where is Pleasant Plains New York? What county is it in?

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Have you ever heard of it? Don't feel bad if you don't. It's like where is Peckville or Kent Cliffs, you probably only know they are there if you pass the sign. So, Pleasant Plains? Where is it? Well, it's a two-part answer. The town of Pleasant Plains New York is located on Long Island.

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So how is there a Pleasant Plains in the Hudson Valley, New York?

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Ha! It is in the Hudson Valley New York not as a town, but as a hamlet! So where is the hamlet of Pleasant Plains New York? It is located in the Town of Clinton in Dutchess County. According to the map on Microsoft it is the area located, along Dutchess County Road 14 east of DeWitt Clinton, and west of Clinton Corners.

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