Believe it or not, the school year is upon us. It felt like the summer flew by.

The crisp air of late summer has me thinking about being a kid again and that excitement of going back to school. Growing up in the Hudson Valley and learning about all the history that was right at our fingertips was always so much fun.

I've been recently thinking about all the field trips we went on around the Hudson Valley. If you went to elementary school here then you probably visited all of the historical landmarks. You've definitely been to Vanderbilt Mansion, Mills Mansion, Museum Village and historic Kingston. You probably even took a--what felt like forever--bus trip up to Albany to tour the Capital.

What were some of your most memorable or strangest Hudson Valley field trips?

During an overnight fifth-grade field trip to Sharpe Reservation in Fishkill, we were learning about the Underground Railroad. At night the chaperones guided us on trail, as we pretended that we were slaves escaping through the "Underground Railroad."

Last I heard, they've stopped doing that activity on the yearly trip.



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