Whatever you have next to your bed says a lot about who you are. Take the test!!

I think most of us have a least something on the nightstand next to our beds at home. Did you know that whatever you have sitting next to the bed say's a lot about the type of person you are? To take the "Next to the Bed" personality test all you need to do is think about what item you have within arm's reach of your bed. The one thing that you have next to you most nights while your sleeping. (Significant others are excluded from the test...LOL).

The choices we have for this test include a water bottle/drink, a book\/magazine, a box of tissues, a cellphone and a weapon. For the sake of this test, you can only pick one item, so if you have a combination of items, pick one and keep reading.

Got your item? Let's take the test and remember the answers are to be used for entertainment purposes and shouldn't offend anyone!....LOL.

Bottle of Water\Drink- People see you as someone who should be handled with care. Your dominant, self-centered and nobody trusts you.

Cell Phone- Friends see you as indecisive, your not the person to ask to plan a fun night out or to make dinner plans. You have a HUGE fear of being left out.

Box of Tissues- People see you as a fussy type. You're very cautious, careful and like to live life on the slow and steady side. Being spontaneous is not something you do.

Book/Magazine- Some find you "uppity" with a rather large ego. You're someone who thinks the world is yours and everyone else just lives in it.

Weapon- You're a lively type, charming and are always the center of attention. You're not some to ever cross because revenge is SWEET!

How did you do? If you'd like to share your results with us, please text us your results through the Wolf app. Remember folks this is for FUN and if your feelings have been hurt we're sorry...LOL!

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