If you listen to the show, you know that I frequent the nightlife here in the Hudson Valley. When I do go out, I do it responsibly.

With access now to Lyft and Uber here in the Hudson Valley it's much easier for people to get around safely when you've had a few adult beverages.

I've never had a problem with any ride sharing service before, until a few weeks ago. I was with a friend and our driver told us that they had had a two strong drinks at dinner. Then he started driving erratically. Granted it wasn't a far drive, but the swerves and speed had me nervous in the backseat.

Once we got to our destination I decided not to say anything as I thought I was overreacting. However, once we were in the safety of our location my friend said she thought he was under the influence.

Two things came to mind. 1) thank god we made it home safely and 2) should I report this?

The only reason why I'm hesitant to report anything is because, if you didn't know, ride share drivers have your name, phone number and location of drop off, possibly where you live.

Wolf listeners highly suggested that I contact Lyft. They also shared some crazy stories of their own.

For instance Christine texted us and said :

Report them! Hopefully everyone that night reports them..i know people that the same thing happened to, only while in the lyft they actually got pulled over. The driver got arrested and the state troopers had to drive them all home.

That's a situation no one wants to be in or should be in at all.

Are our listeners right? Should I be reporting the driver? Do I delete my account? Let us know on Facebook how you would handle the situation.


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