Not being a very good cook I had to learn to bring something other than food when my friends invite me over. Sometimes store bought could work but when you are talking about an event like Friendsgiving it is better to go with a more person touch. So I leave the cooking to the people who can cook and I choose to bring the wine.  So what is the wine for the turkey and trimmings at Friendsgiving?

Turns out there are a lot of good choices. The Spruce published a list for this holiday season "A Guide to the Best Wines for Thanksgiving". It includes reds, whites and sparkling varieties. They break down the different grape varieties and include great descriptions so you can make an informed choice if you wants to be like me and be the person who "brings the wines".

My personal favorite for this time of year was actually introduced to me at a Friendsgiving in the 90's by another person who didn't cook but knew a lot about wine. The Beaujolais Nouveau which according to The Spruce hits store this Thursday is a fruity red that most people enjoy. Plus it pairs well with everything on the Thanksgiving Menu. It is released every year at this time which may be why it has become a holiday tradition to serve.

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