I have been excited about today's solar eclipse for days. I've read articles about how the animals were expected to react during the eclipse. I was upset with myself that I hadn't pre-ordered any solar eclipse glasses. I was ready and open to have a spiritual experience, as has often been described by those who have witnessed a solar eclipse.

Around 2:30, myself and several co-workers went out on the side lawn of our building and waited. We were careful to not look at the sun, one of my co-workers went live on Facebook in anticipation of the event, and I took a picture every minute so that I would have a record of how dark it got and how quickly it became light again.

While I knew that we weren't going to have a total solar eclipse, ours would be more like 70%, I thought surely we would notice a change. Something, anything, just a smidge of darkness. Nothing, I noticed nothing, well except for the birds.

To say that I am let down is an understatement and it isn't helping that a few of my co-workers keep telling me don't worry, there's another one coming in seven years. Sigh. So much for that spiritual experience, and, to top it off, I think I got sun burnt.

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