Some of these numbers may surprise you.

I think we all worry about having our identity stolen online. It seems like every other day we hear about another company being hacked and our information being stolen.

Have you ever wondered how much our personal information is worth on the "Dark Web"?

According to Market Watch, a marketing agency called Fractl did a study to find out what your logins and personal information would sell for on the dark web. Here's what they found....

1. Your Gmail password is worth $1.

2. Your Facebook information is worth $5.20.

3. Your Uber information is worth $7.

4. Your PayPal login information is worth $247.

5. Your entire online identity, which includes bank logins and all of your PIN numbers are is worth $1,200.

Our entire online identity is only worth $1200, that seems low to me, unless the hackers try to steal my identity, then I think that a little high. That's what you get when you credit score is in the low 500's. I keep telling myself that's a good thing and that's why I never have my identity stolen.

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