If you could wish for something in your back yard what would it be? Maybe you would love a cool fire pit. How about a refreshing in ground pool? If I had my back yard wish it would be a cool outdoor kitchen. Yes, grilling is fun but I want to be able to cook everything out on the back patio.

I remember the first time I went to my Aunt's house and she had a mini-frig and a bar on her back patio. She even had ceiling fans. Living up north all my life it wasn't until I traveled to warmer climates that I realized people put inside stuff outside. My Aunt and Uncle's awesome oasis that they called a back porch may be the reason I am fascinated with having a real outdoor kitchen of my own.

Any one of these would work.

So this summer while you are standing at the grill next to your bag chair envision your yard with an amazing outdoor cooking space plopped in the middle of it next to the in ground pool and fire pit of course.


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