My wife is Italian, like pure from Sicily Italian and she is as you would expect a great cook.  She makes the typical pasta and other Italian foods and there is always enough to feed an army.

Every time we go out to eat, I'll ask what certain noodles are, etc and she will always get annoyed but I love trying new things and want to make sure I've had it or not before.

This was dinner tonight.  I have no idea what it is but she is insisting that it's an Italian dish.  The woman that showed her how to make it was part Italian and part Polish so I'm thinking it's a polish meal but either way, she swears it's one of the best foods there is.

It's potatoes, peppers and beans.

I won't lie and say it's not good but it's not the "greatest thing" I've had like my wife says.

Have you ever tried something that is special to your significant other but you just don't get?

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