We may still not have an official state dinosaur, but New York does have an official state sport. And given the rich history of this sport here in the Empire State, it makes perfect sense. State Senator Peter Oberacker announced passage of legislation last year that would make this sport the official one of New York. Oberacker said he simply wanted to make this happen because the state has been through so much strife over the past few years.

Baseball became the official state sport of New York in July 2021.


The New York Yankees are one of professional sports' most storied franchises, and are an institution across the state (and many other parts of the country, for that matter. Twenty-seven World Series titles, and currently 61 Yankee players in the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame says it all. Of course, there's also the New York Mets, with two World Series titles, and five National League Pennants, And we can't forget the history of the Brooklyn Dodgers and New York Giants (both teams left for California on May 28, 1957), and several others from the late 1800s. Buffalo even got to "borrow" the Toronto Blue Jays for a year during COVID.

There are also 14 minor and independent league teams across the state, according to Catchers Home.

Currently, fourteen other states have an official state sport. In spite of baseball being America's pass time, New York is only the first state to make it the official sport

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New York State Snack

Did you know we have an official state snack? Yogurt. Yes, according to Best Life Online, Governor Cuomo signed into the legislation making yogurt the official state snack of New York. New York had surpassed California in 2013 as the nation's top yogurt producer. Well, the more you know.


Other Stuff

Now, if you look at some of the other surrounding states, then some of these symbolic state foods and mascots become a bit more bizarre. Some good examples could be Pennsylvania's official state reptile, which is the eastern hellbender. South Carolina actually has a state craft, and it's sweetgrass basket weaving. In California they've named an official state fabric, and it's denim.

New York even has some weird ones, such as the official state fossil. No, it's not one of your least favorite politicians, it's actually the sea scorpion.

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