A mysterious blue decal has been appearing on cars throughout New York State. After weeks of investigating, I believe we've finally found out what it means.

It all started about six months ago when I was driving behind a car on Route 9 in Dutchess County. The vehicle's back windshield featured a huge decal that was in the shape of a big blue streak. The symbol was very strange and not something that I recognized. After forgetting about it, I saw another one a few days later and started to wonder what it could possibly mean.

I started Googling "blue lightning bolt" but came up with nothing. Perhaps it wasn't a lightning bolt after all? Over the next few weeks, I'd keep seeing this mysterious sticker on more and more cars, and each time I would become more curious as to what it meant.

A. Boris
A. Boris

The long, jagged design looked like it could be some sort of rip, like one that was made by a wild animal or a knife. After endless online searches, that theory turned up nothing but dead ends. I began to wonder why this insignia was such a secret. With the political climate the way it is I thought it might be some sort of signal for crazy left-wing or right-wing lunatics. Nope, nothing seemed to match.

I started to obsess about this crazy blue streak.  Could it be a local sports team logo?  The Poughkeepsie Lightning was the most similar, but no match. After grasping at straws I became convinced that it looked just like the Monster Energy logo and was a viral marketing campaign for their latest beverage. Of course, that also turned out to be incorrect.

A. Boris/Monster Energy
A. Boris/Monster Energy FInally

Finally, I saw the sticker again when I wasn't behind the wheel and was able to take out my phone and snap a picture. I quickly ran it through a Google Image search, convinced that I would finally be able to crack the case. To my frustration, there were no results that even gave me a clue as to what the mysterious blue line meant.

I was so desperate for answers that I waited around for the owner of the car to return so I could ask them about the decal. After it looked like they weren't coming back anytime soon I was forced to give up with more questions than answers.

When I got home I was determined to find out once and for all what this mysterious insignia was all about. On a whim I started Googling islands, thinking that the shape may be the outline of a country or vacation destination; then it hit me. The symbol is blue, so perhaps it's actually a body of water. I quickly searched for satellite images of the Finger Lakes and, while they did look very similar to the sticker, none of the lakes actually matched up. I then started searching Lake Placid and other lakes before finally hitting the jackpot.

A. Boris/Google Maps
A. Boris/Google Maps

It's Lake George! The sticker is in the exact same shape as the outline of Lake George as seen from above.

If you're a frequent visitor to this New York vacation spot, you probably already figured it out, but the majority of us who have never been, or maybe only visited Lake George once or twice, are completely unaware that this is its shape.

While it's probably pretty cool to stick one of these on your car if you're in the know, you may want to consider the fact that most people will be completely confused by the design and might jump to some crazy conclusions about what you're saying about yourself. So, I personally apologize to all of the people I assumed were energy drink lovers, political nutjobs or lightning bolt enthusiasts. I get it now. Enjoy your summer in the Adirondacks and... cool sticker!

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