Sometimes when we see something, we have to do a double take and figure out if what we are witnessing is correct.

While Spring has fully sprung here in the Hudson Valley, there may be new things we are seeing. The leaves on the trees are full and green, the birds and squirrels have returned and the flowers have started to blossom.

We can now welcome back our furry, wildlife friends such as skunks, raccoons, opossums and more. Even the little chipmunks and turtles have shown us that they are as happy as we are that Spring has started.

While we may enjoy seeing the wildlife critters that we didn't notice much of in the winter, we may also notice them trying to co-exist with us as well. When doing so, they may decide to spend time in flower gardens or even pots of flowers. To them, this must seem like a nice place to lay or a playground to tear things up and enjoy.

Either way, plant lovers can find all natural ways to keep silly wildlife animals out of their gardens.

If you live in the New York, you may start seeing gardens filled with different fruits, vegetables or food options.

What Are Some All Natural Gardening Hacks In The Hudson Valley?


More than ever, we're turning to holistic approaches in life. Lately, I've been putting lemons and limes in my water. 

Lemons and limes are great to add to your garden for pest control as well. Gardeners have also used a scoop of coffee and placed it into their garden to prevent animals from eating their flowers.

Throwing in a few orange peels to your garden or creating your own, homemade orange spray could assist with bugs and critters spending time in your space.

Keep Pests Out Of Your Garden With This Kitchen Ingredient


The next time that you're about to throw away your egg shells, don't. Eggshells can be used as a deterrent to animals who want to spend time in your flower beds or gardens.

I would imagine that they wouldn't like the feeling of laying down on something that cracks and is hard.

Egggshells Are The Perfect Deterrent In Flower Gardens And Beds


Not only would eggshells prevent animals from walking all over and crushing your plants, but it can also deter bugs from the flowers as well.

According to SouthernLiving, 

Eggshells can also be beneficial for the soil as they provide calcium and assist in lowering the soil's pH level. This would allow the soil to become more alkaline instead of acidic.

Eggshell water is also a great solution as well.

Do You Have Any Plants That You Need Help Identifying In Your Garden?

Canva, Allison Kay
Canva, Allison Kay

Last summer, I came across different apps that made being outdoors, even better. While we enjoy planting flowers and watching them regrow the following there, there may be plants and and flowers that we cannot figure out exactly what they are.

An app is called Seek by iNaturalist will be your best friend while gardening or exploring this spring and summer.

By taking a picture of a plant, Seek helps identify what the result could be. This is a fun app to identify plants or even animals around you ( I tried it on my cat and it came up as a Domestic Cat, haha).

Throughout Seek, you can also earn badges for different varieties of plants and animals.

Between using all natural gardening hacks and snapping pictures of unknown plants, you won't be bored during the next couple of months in the Hudson Valley.

Have you ever heard of putting fruits, vegetables or any type of food into flower pots or gardens before? Share your experience with gardening and all natural hacks below.

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