I have been a country music fan all of my life. I grew up listening to all kinds of music on the radio but I always loved listening to country. Most of my family is from the midwest with roots in Indiana and Kentucky. When ever we went home to visit family country music was everywhere.

It wasn't until I went to college in the 80's that I became a true country music fan. I had heard some classics but I didn't real know a lot of the country my parents grew up listening to on the radio. Most of the country I was familiar with were songs from the late 70's and maybe a few from the 60's that the family sang along to when everyone got together at a gathering back home.

I was thinking recently about some of the music I grew up listening to and I wonder what was the number one song the year I was born? Turns out that there is a website where you can enter your Birthday and it will tell you what the number one country song was the day you were born. Try it at the link below.

I ended up with a cool Buck Owens song. I won't tell you which one because then I'd be dating myself. Of course I entered other dates for fun such as my graduation date from High School turns out the number one song that day was "Elvira". I also entered my first husband and I's wedding anniversary and it turns out Trisha Yearwood's "She's In Love with the Boy" was number one. That's weird right?

Try out any date you want it's fun. Plus it is sure to bring up a song or two you may have forgotten about.

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