I think I just need to wrap myself in bubble wrap from now on.

I was lucky enough to have some time off last week and did a little staycation here in the Hudson Valley. I did some hiking in Massachusetts and The Catskills social distancing myself from people deep in the woods.

And of course, I did some swimming. Me at 30 years old, acting like a 7-year-old jumping into the pool, doing handstands and calling them tricks.

Unfortunately, my behavior got me a good ol' ear infection. I truly believed that only kids got them. But now I know why kids are so upset when they do have them. It's miserable.

Anyway, I went to Urgent Care and got some antibiotics and will hopefully be on the mend by the middle of the week. However, my ear is still pretty uncomfortable. So we asked you for some home remedies.

Here are some of the remedies you sent our way:

Glady's from Elizaville said "Warm olive oil on a cotton ball in-ear. Grandmas cure."

Tracy messaged us on Twitter and shared her secret: "Warm a sock with salt. I used to do that with my son when he was little to help with his chronic ear infections."

Bill in Washingtonville gave me some advice for next time. He texted saying "Jess, try whiskey over ice, then have someone else drive you to the urgent care."

Guess it's a glass of Jack Daniels for me tonight.

Personally, I've been using Vics vapor rub on a cotton ball and getting some relief. I've tried hydrogen peroxide drops in my ear too.

I'll be trying whatever recommendations you send my way as long as this ear is still hurting. Wish me luck.

What's your go-to remedy? Let us know on Facebook or text us through the Wolf Mobile App.


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