February should be named flower buying month. Many of us will find ourselves buying flowers this week for someone we love. According to a Teleflora blog from Jan 2013, Valentine's Day ranks first as the holiday where the most fresh flowers are sold and delivered. But according to that same blog if you add in giving garden and house plants mother's day comes in second and Valentine's Day loses out to Christmas and Hanukkah when combined.

Fortune has reported online that National Retail Federation says US buyers will spend close to $18.2 billion this year on our Valentines and close to 2 billion of that will be on flowers. We will also spend money on jewelry, candy, diners and of course cards. If you decide to be traditional with a bouquet of fresh flowers may I suggest that you first consult a cool article I found that might help you to pick out the right flower for the special person in your life.

Checkout the list of meaning for the 10 top Valentine flower published by Woman's Day online in December 2016 by clicking the button below.

Ideas from Hallmark to dress up you store bought flowers

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