Watch CJ and Jess talk everything weekend from baking to antiquing.

Every Monday on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show we play a game on the show called "Three Things from the Weekend" were Jess reads to you two sets of three things that we each did over the weekend. Your job is to try and figure out which one of us did which set of three.

If you missed our "things" they are as follows:

Person One

1. Melted a bunch of chocolate.
2. Saw lots of Christmas lights.
3. Celebrated a big birthday.

Person Two

1. Had mouth surgery.
2. Went antiquing.
3. Watched the movie Die Hard.

Which one of do you think did which set of three? Who's person one, and who's person two? Get the answer, and all the stories behind our "things" by watching our Weekend Chat weekly video...

Thank you for watching and if you are into antiques, you have to check out the Vintage Emporiums (or something like that...LOL) that are in Newburgh, one location is on 9W right off 84 near the Newburgh Beacon bridge and the other is on 17K. They have soooo many things to look at! Also if you're like many of us around this time of year, your looking for something fun to do with the kids and chocolate. Jess has the hook up with step by step instructions here.

Have a great week and be listening all week for your chance to win tickets to the Holiday Light Spectacular at the Orange County Fairgrounds. We will have your chance to win car load passes all week, with the Early Morning Brain Stimulator at 6:10 every morning.

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