Here is where Jess and I get to really get into some of our "things" from the weekend!

Every Monday on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show we do a mini on air weekend recap we call "Three Things From the Weekend". After we both write down all of the things we did over the weekend, Jess narrows our lists down to three things each.

Some weeks it takes her a while to narrow things down, like this week. Once she does, she reads the two sets of three things to you on the air, and all you need to do is try and figure out which one of us did which set of three.

If you missed the "things" from the show today, here they are....

Person one

1. Went to a wedding.
2. Walked around Millbrook.
3. Ate 733 macaroons.

Person two

1. Gave a tour of the Hudson Valley.
2. Had the most delicious cookie in the world.
3. Started watching the Haunting at Bly Manor.

Which one of us do you think did which set of three? Get answer and all the stories behind our "things" by watching our "Weekend Chat" weekly video...

Yes we both love a good cookie or macaroon!!! Thank you for watching this week and be sure to have your radios on loud and proud all this week for a chance for you guys to cash in and win cash. Yes "MOOLAH" the Wolf cash cow is back every weekday from 8 a.m. through 5 p.m. with cash cow code words that could win YOU up to $10,000!!! To make it easier to win, make sure you download the 977/973 The Wolf mobile app! Good luck.

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