I guess it officially started in May this year with the Royal Wedding of Meghan and Harry but typically wedding season is considered to be underway in June. That is of course unless you believe the LA Times article from last year that claims October has now surpassed June as the marrying month. Either way June still gets to be the month we all start attending weddings for the year so with this in mind I thought it would a good idea to cover an important topic concerning your wedding guest attire.

Some will tell you the most important thing is to be sure not to upstage the bride's dress. Others would say that consulting on color and type of outfit is the most important thing you can keep in mind when attending someones nuptials. And of course there is the ever waging gift battle, money or registry gift and if it's money then how much?

All of these thing are important to consider but nothing takes precedence over the shoes you chose to wear. Sounds silly right? Until you wear the wrong shoes. And by wrong I mean the ones you can't quietly walk up a church aisle wearing. We have all been in the pew when the noisy shoe person seems to take the longest path to their seat. Then there are the shoes that don't fit so you end up wearing them on the end of your fingers all night. Don't be that girl. And finally, the shoes you can't dance in at all. The bride and groom expect you to hit the floor at least once during the reception.

So when you are planning those wedding outfits this season please be sure you plan your shoes.

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