Does it matter?

In today's world almost everyone reading this right now has their own "side hustle", you know the one job you do in your free time to make a little extra money. My side hustle for many years has been DJing weddings and private parties, I mean it does go well with the radio thing...LOL!

Now that things have started to open back up, and guidelines and restrictions from the pandemic have started to go away, I've found myself able to get back out and be a part of some great wedding receptions.

Recently I was doing the music at a wedding in Pennsylvania, and as I was looking around I noticed something that seemed a little different to me. Most weddings that I've gone to always have a gift table set up for guests to put their wedding gifts. Some weddings have some sort of themed thing for a guest to put their cards in, I've seen birdhouses, mailboxes and a bunch of other unique things. Most times the table only has cards on it, because as far as a gift goes, CASH is king!

The table at this wedding had a TON of wrapped presents on the gift table and I thought it was weird. People still give actual gifts as wedding presents today? I was always under the impression that the standard gift for a wedding was cash. Am I wrong?

When you go to a wedding do you give cash, or do you wrap a specific gift? Call or text us through the Wolf app. Also if you're the one getting married and someone gives you a wrapped present as a gift would you be disappointed? Be honest...LOL!

If you ever invite us to your wedding, both Jess and I are cash givers. If you're like us, they say the amount of cash you should give, should at least cover the cost of the plate at the wedding. If you can afford it, tack on a little more for the happy couple to get their lives started together!!

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