This could very well be my biggest nightmare.

If you've ever taken a vacation to any beach town that has a boardwalk, you might have that moment when you've said to yourself, "Let's ride this ride!" If that's ever happened to you, you might not want to watch what I'm about to share with you.

I know that I'm planning a trip with my kids to the Jersey Shore next week, and anytime we take a trip like this we always walk the boardwalk in Pleasant Point or in Seaside Heights. Who doesn't love all the games, the food, the different types of people that are walking around, and of course the rides?

Depending on which boardwalk you walk on will depend on the rides that are available. I don't remember seeing this ride at any of the ones I've been on, but there is a Slingshot ride in Wildwood, New Jersey. That's where this young girl and her friend got quite the surprise when they took a ride together.....

OMG! I've watched that three or four times so far and can't stop laughing. I can't even imagine what my reaction would be if that ever happened to me. Can you imagine it happening to you? What would you do? I will say that I think the young lady handled herself well, I think I would have started to cry. I mean I hate birds like that, the only thing that could have made that any worse for me would be if the bird was an owl.

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