A new week means a new list and every week, the New York State Police have a list of outstanding warrants and they publish this information in the hopes that all of us will help spread the word. The New York State Police post these warrants on their Facebook page and every week we do what we can to help get the information out.

Thanks to you, we are happy to report that the New York State Police were able to apprehend another individual who had been featured on a previous Warrant Wednesday.

New York State Police
New York State Police

New York State Police Troop G, Queesnbury originally posted that they were looking for Robert Barber, Jr. for issuing bad checks last September from an incident that had occurred in 2015.  According to the New York State Police, a warrant was issued for his arrest from the Town of Lake Luzerne and Town of Wilton.

Unfortunately, there are still more individuals who are wanted. If you recognize anyone, please use the contact information on each arrest warrant and contact the state police. You could help prevent another crime from happening or keep someone else from being victimized. Here’s last week’s video of individuals who are still wanted by the New York State Police.

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