If you have small children at home and have a pool, you have to watch this video. As scary as it is to watch, it will hopefully save a life.

According to CBS 6, this video of a small toddler climbing a locked above ground pool gate has gone viral with over 16 million views and the dad who recorded it, posted it on Facebook in an attempt to warn parents that the children could easily slip into the pool and drown.

Keith Wyman told CBS that on Monday while he and his family were in the backyard he watched his two year old son, Cody, begin to climb the gate, which is supposed to prevent children from using the ladder. He said that, "Within two seconds, he was up”.

After he safely got his son down before he went in the water, he had him climb the gate again so he could record it. He said that, “If a two year old can do it, a six-year-old can do it. You can’t not watch them for one second because it only took him two seconds to climb that thing without stairs”.

The ladder and gate was purchased back in May from Seasonal Pool Supply in Attleboro, MA, and is also being sold locally at Namco. The ladder and gate are manufactured by Canadian company VinylWorks.

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