Here's the reason why a Hudson Valley mother thought her kids might get kidnapped at a local supermarket.

On Sunday Mel Lissa, wrote on Facebook warning other parents about a possible child abduction attempt at the Hannaford Supermarket in Wappinger Falls.

She wrote an oversized van pulled up toward her and her two children in the parking lot and then a "big door slid open" and she saw "more men than I could count with white masks (inside)."

"They were looking towards us and I yelled to my daughter to run in the store. They closed the door and took off," Mel Lissa wrote in her Facebook post to warn others.

The mother said the white masks the men wore looked like hospital masks, "but much bigger and wider.

After she yelled for her daughter to run, the van sped off. She then called the police.

Late Wednesday, Mel Lissa wrote an update about the situation and confirmed, "it wasn't as it seemed."

Following an investigation, police learned the van transports people who live in the city to the Hudson Valley and the masks were worn to prevent from catching diseases, according to Mel Lissa's updated Facebook post.

A New York State Police spokesperson confirmed the update to Hudson Valley Post, adding a nearby restaurant manager told a trooper it's routine for vans to pick up and drop off people from New York City.

A trooper reviewed surveillance video and noticed the mother and her children in the parking lot, and someone entering the van before the mother could notice.

"The Trooper told me I did the right thing and that he would’ve done the same had he been in my position- he saw us on cam too, it was NOT made up," Mel Lissa wrote on Facebook.

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